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Looking to generate more leads and sales on auto-pilot? Then you definitely need SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process involved in making a website more easily found through Google and other search engines.

When a user searches for a product or service, they are most likely going to click the first links on the very first page. SEO helps a site get to the first page of Google, and very likely the top link on the entire page.

Being at the front of Google is important because that means that your customers will be able to find you and see the services and products you provide before viewing your competitors.

Having a site with proper search engine optimization means that you get customers actively searching for your business. In today’s market, it is one of the most profitable and valuable source of advertising and growing your business.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO involves evaluating your market and niche, figuring out who your potential customers are and what they are searching for.

Once we know these details, we organize your website in such a way that it relays the information, products and services that are relevant to their interests.

On-Page SEO can be applied to any website, but it is most successful when our company has setup and created the site for you ourselves. During the web design process, we can tailor the site code to better match relevance of your demographic.

This improves results far better than simply retooling your existing site pages.

SEO Copywriting

Having a website tailored to your potential customers isn’t enough to compete in Google. Other sites are trying to gain your customers for themselves.

This is why it is necessary to have fresh content delivered to your site making it look active and telling Google that your website is the most recent and relevant to your customers’ searches.

This improves On-Page SEO as well, as the content delivered targets long tail keywords (keywords that have a higher conversion rate) on your company’s blog.

Not only does it help improve search engine rankings but demonstrates effective and helpful insight in your industry.

Link Building

Having a site that is well trafficked and sustaining new viewership is attained by having fresh content and links to the site from reputable sources.

If your site doesn’t have a steadily increasing number of high quality links, you’re not going to rank well for anything.

There are a few key ways to tell whether or not a link is worth having or not. To the untrained observer all links are created equal so business owners usually try to get links from as many places they can as quickly as possible.

This can sometimes damage your site and is not recommended. It’s important to have this done for any website, providing it’s getting the right kind of links.

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