Brian Young

Brian Young


Brian Young is a resident of Florida, SEO expert, and an enthusiast of web technology and its applications of entertainment and business. In 2007, he founded an online media blog known as Couch Campus which went on to attract 40,000 monthly unique visitors during his time with the site.

Afterwards, Brian sought to take what he’d learned in his time there and apply it to help businesses reach out to consumers using the same methods that have allowed him to generate over a million page views.

In his first quarter of operations he was able to gross over $150,000 in direct sales for his clients. His writing has been featured on Slashdot, Bloomberg, Blue News, and the WSJ’s AllThingsDigital.


Before I begin I want to let you know I understand what you’re going through.

I don’t know what business you’re in, or how long you’ve been settling a case, or how much new revenue you need to keep the lights on — but I know that I want to help you.

I think it’s fair to say that all of us started out in business to earn a living. Very rarely are we given an opportunity to go above and beyond this base drive, but when we are we can’t let it pass us by!

That more than anything has gone into the everyday operating of BTY Marketing and the changes we’ve made over these past years. We were seeing so many “opportunities” pass us by in what we were doing that we had to change. And when I say opportunities, I am referring to regular people, small business owners, and even large multi-national conglomerates we needed to refocus.

Our group is more than just SEO and Internet marketing. It’s venture capital, online reputation, it’s social branding, customer retention and lead acquisition. We use whatever digital tools are available to get the desired results for our clients. Right now it would be easier to tell you what we aren’t — we don’t make sandwiches!

But whether or not you feel that you’re in a place to get it, we want you to know that our help is just a click away.

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